Renegade Fitness Academy has evolved from Renegade Gym and is now a full time, purpose built, Commercial Gym and Martial Arts academy. The academy offers people from all walks of life the best facilities in a 5000 sq ft complete commercial gym stocked with Hammer Strength machines, and a 5000 sq ft combat area to do Martial Arts, including: a large matted area, a dedicated Boxing bag section and a 16ft Boxing ring.

Renegade Fitness Academy was looking for a punchy, impacting site that was not only vibrant in visuals but also informative and welcoming. With this in mind we created an unintimidating, easy to use and dynamic site that uses bright colours and subtle animations to guide the user through the site. The site uses a consistent style in imagery, colour and shapes but variations in layout make the site stand out and keep the user gripped.

This initial Renegade Gym website was a nominated finalist in the Hertfordshire Digital Awards 2016 in the Sports and Entertainment category.


Renegade Fitness Academy


December 2017


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