5 things you should NEVER do when you Create Print Advertising

Some people have been known to say print advertising is dead… but here at Absolute Creative we know that’s definitely not the case. We still design and create highly successful print ads for businesses all over the UK. However, if you want your ads to be successful, there are certain things you should do, and certain things you should never do if you want your print advertising to work. We don’t like telling anyone what to do, so this blog focuses on those print ad no-no’s – pay attention and you won’t make the same mistake many others have, and still do.

1. Don’t use a wishy-washy headline. Just like a blog post, newspaper article, or magazine feature, the headline is the first thing your reader will see – and it’s very likely to be the one thing that makes them decide whether or not to read the rest of the ad. You need a headline with impact, or your whole ad will be wasted

2. Don’t use too much copy. If your ad is ‘word heavy’ it will put people off and they won’t bother with it. Yes, you’ve probably got a lot to say, but less is often more so keep your sentences short and snappy, and focus on the important stuff – the benefits to your customer

3. It’s not all about you. We like talking about ourselves, don’t we? And we’re excited about our new ‘thing’ we’re selling. Nobody else cares though – sad but true – so don’t lay it on too thick about all the fantastic features and focus on how it’s going to solve a problem for the reader. That’s what sells.

4. Don’t be confusing. If you have 2 or 3 things to sell, make 2 or 3 ads. DON’T attempt to get them all in the one ad to save money, you’ll just confuse the customer and they won’t buy any of them. Make one good ad for each product, and focus on the main benefit of each.

5. Don’t make them guess what to do next. A strong call to action is important, so make sure your ad lets them know what they have to do next to either buy, call for info, learn more, book, or whatever it is you want them to do. Say it clearly and make it very visible or you’ll miss out on sales.

Do you need print advertising? We are Absolute Creative, an award-winning design agency, and we can help. We’re based in Hertfordshire but our customers come from all across the UK because we create print ads for you that work. Call us today on 01707 386 107, or email hello@absolutecreative.co.uk to learn more about what we can do for your business.

Where do I find the best images for my website and flyers?

When you start a new business, and even when you’ve been in business for a while, you’ll need some high-quality images. These will be for your website, flyers, product brochures, and other marketing materials. Many business owners get these images from stock image sites, of which there are many online. For a reasonably low cost, you’ll usually be able to find some decent images that suit your needs. However, they’re images that are not unique to your business and your marketing, so you may see them elsewhere – and so might your customers. A good example of this is the online customer service image of an attractive young lady in a headset – you know the one we mean – she’s ready to take your call and solve your problems with a click of your mouse.

So, the main issue with stock images is that they’re not really authentic. They can be kind of boring, and they don’t truly represent your business, do they? Wouldn’t it be better to have real images of real people – the people who work for you, and who your clients (if you run a local business) may know by sight? Imagine if instead of stock photographs you could have images of your own products, your sales team, your customer service team, your business premises, your projects, you, the dog…

That sounds better, doesn’t it?

Don’t be tempted to take them yourself though. Yes, your new Huawei phone may have a great camera, but we all know it’s not just the camera that takes the photographs. Using a good professional photographer for your marketing images will be a sound investment in your business. There’d be no more generic stock pics you can find anywhere on the web – just your own portfolio of quality bespoke images. Your website and marketing materials would be truly unique, authentic, and represent your business as it really is.

If you need a photographer, a website or marketing materials for your business, we can help you. We’re Absolute Creative, an award-winning design agency based in Hertfordshire. We work with businesses like yours all over the UK, designing websites, flyers, brochures, and other marketing materials including vehicle graphics. We always make sure your business stands out from the crowd. Call us today on 01707 386 107, or email hello@absolutecreative.co.uk and let’s chat.

What should I Blog about?

That’s a great question really. You’ve started your business, had your website built, and you want to engage your audience. Or perhaps you’re starting a personal blog and you’d like to get some followers? Or maybe you’re wanting to start blogging so you can eventually monetise your blog?

Whatever the reason, you’ll have to decide what content you’re going to add to it. The question is, how will you know what to write? Will people like it? Is it what they want to be reading? It can be worrying. Nobody wants to spend hours on end writing stuff nobody reads after all. So, you’ll have to give something of value if you’re going to lure them in and make them fans. Below are some suggestions for you.

1. If it’s a blog for your business, it’s quite straightforward. Simply tell your target market what you’re up to. Blog about your new products, but do make sure it’s not all about you. They’ll want to hear what the product will do for them. What problem will it solve? How will it make them feel? Also, share your expertise. Give some information away. Your audience will appreciate it if you give them some of your tips – and if they don’t end up buying your product or service, chances are they’ll spread the word about you anyhow. Plus ‘How To’ headlines are always good for searches. If you’re not sure what they want to know, why not ask them? Do a poll on Facebook or something similar. And don’t forget to keep it relevant. Google likes relevance.

2. If you’ve set up a blog and you don’t have a traditional business, then what was your reason for setting it up. Was it to get lots of subscribers so you could eventually monetise it? That’s great, but you’ll need some sort of strategy to get those subscribers – it can’t just be a ‘spray and pray’ approach. Do you have a niche? You’ll need one, so what are you good at? Check out other popular blogs and see what they write about. Sometimes, the smaller the niche, the more of an ‘expert’ name you can make for yourself. Some popular niches are Health, Diet, Parenting, Veganism, Making Money, Saving Money, and Decorating, but if you have a passion, whatever it is, there’ll be others with the same interests who’ll be interested in hearing your take on the subject. Tell them your story – how you got into whatever it is you’re blogging about. Give them help and advice. Be their friend. Write like you’re speaking to them, and don’t come across like a text book because they won’t relate to you.

Blogging regularly with relevant, useful content helps you build a fan base and shows you to be an authority in your field. If you’d like to start a blog, you’ll need a great website people can easily find in Google searches. Absolute Creative work with entrepreneurs just like you, designing beautiful responsive websites, increasing your brands visibility, producing your marketing materials, and much more besides. Call us for a chat on 01707 386 107 today, or email hello@absolutecreative.co.uk and we’ll get back to you right away.